The EWENT programme can be considered as an element of common European collaboration and partnership of European Union and South-East Europe Universities.

Project was selected under Erasmus Mundus Action II, which manages a scholarship programme funded by the European Commission. The EWENT program is focused on ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY fields of study. 06 Engineering, Technology; 11 Mathematics, Informatics;13 Natural Science

The programme objective is to promote and transfer the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills at higher education level.

The EWENT programme offer student and staff scholarships to nationals of European Union, Belarus, Moldova or Ukraine.

The project provides mobility scholarships for students and staff from South-East Europe to European Union partner universities.

  1. The number of grantee send to one hosting university can not be less then 5% of total number of grantee within the Project.

  2. Each hosting EU university is obliged to ensure an adequate number of courses in English corresponding to students individual field of study and the period of mobility.

  3. Courses in national languages are offered too.

  4. The host university will send to the home university an academic record for each grantee and obtained credits will be fully recognized by the home university.

  5. All host universities will constantly monitor the attendance and the continuation of the studies/research carried out by the grantee and shall report to the Project Office about any irregularities.


Type of Mobility






Monthly Subistence Allowance

1000 €

1000 €

1500 €

1800 €

2,500 €